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First time going off recipe

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First time going off recipe

I've just started doing bread (this is my 5th batch), since I made my starter on january.

I'd tried doing a brioche and it turned out quite well, but this time I wanted to do a standard sourdough but with higher hydration than the one I'd been using, and adding butter (and adjusting the water). I usually do 70%, but this time I tried 80%, ad it didn't work. It was a soupy mess, so I added flour until it felt right. Then I incorporated 200g butter.

Everything went kind of wrong in most of the steps, but I improvised, and it they came out quite well. Yet since I've got no real point of comparison, maybe you can give me notes for next time.

Also, I like them and I want to show them off :D

The buns I formed as little boules

These buns I formed as little boules. But by then I was sure I'd made too many mistakes and that they weren't going to come out right...

I thought I'd messed up and didn't even try with these. Just added poppy seeds

...So I didn't even try with these. Just added poppy seeds to give some color.

Both I gave a wash of melted butter.

The crumb seems OK

What do you all think?

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They look quite tender! By the way, good save on your too wet dough. 

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David R

There is more than one kind of good.

Not every bread experiment needs to qualify for the "Make ten thousand more, and sell out the whole lot at $10 apiece by next weekend" level of good.

I'm very happy when anything I make reaches the "You know, I think I'll have another one" goodness level. ? (And from the looks of what you made, I likely wouldn't be able to stop at just two. ?)