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scale that's accurate for small measurements?

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buns of steel

scale that's accurate for small measurements?

my scale isn't accurate for measuring salt or yeast.


Does anyone have one they're happy with, that they're sure will be accurate for those small measurements also?  A switch from metric to imperial would also be nice as my bread books use both.  Also where did you get it, is it available on line?


Thanks in advance :)

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Go to Old Will Knott Scales and click on the "Pocket Scales" category. Peronally I would look first at the myWeigh products since I have been happy with my bigger one.

You might also check a laboratory supply company for disposible weighing boats of appropriate size - that would be easier than trying to tap yeast out of a glass dish.


I had a very useful collection of scale / weighing links and lost them in the Great sPh Hard Drive Crash of November '07...

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I notice that myWeigh have massively (ha ha) improved their web site. Their dealer links take you to Will Knott and other sites that are general scale vendors not just myWeigh.

Love that 0.05g pocket scale!


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Could someone please recommend a specific scale that would measure small weights?


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I am happy with the MyWeigh Axe. It weighs up to 300 g, in increments of 0.1 g. It can also weigh in ounces. Not cheap, but reliable.


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staff of life

I know a lot of people highly recommend the inexpensive Escali scale, available at Amazon, among other places.  I was in the market for a new scale recently, and I happened upon an online digital scale magazine (I thought the same thing you're thinking right now).  It was actually very helpful because it had lots of info about the actual companies that make scales.  Escali is, according to this magazine, just two guys who buy shipments of cheap scales made in China by no-name factories.  The Escali name gets pasted on, and voila!  The writers did have good things to say about the MyWeigh scales--one version of their scale (I can't remember which) is now being copied by a lot of different manufacturers.  RLB recommends the MyWeigh brand too.


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I recenly bought the Escali Pana from Eric at Breadtopia. His price is better than those I found on Google Product Search.


It can measure cups, tablespoons, ounces, pounds+ounces and grams and displays ounces in fractions or decimals. It has a tare button which is a necessity for a digital scale.

One gimmicky bit in my opinion is the ingredient list it ships with developed with King Arthur Flour. (the box came with the KA logo on the front) You input a code and then it knows what you are putting in so it weighs out tablespoons or cups accurately based on the type of product. Honestly I find it easier to remember how many ounces a cup is and measure accordingly but to each is own.