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Learning about sourdough baking - submission to criticism and opinions.

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Learning about sourdough baking - submission to criticism and opinions.

Dear sirs,
I'm just an apprentice.
I'm trying to make delicious sourdough bread.
This is my eleventh bread, but I consider it the best so far.
I would like to hear the opinions of critics and experts.
Thanks for your attention.

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David R


For the most useful opinions and discussion, please show the inside of the bread too!

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Our Crumb

Critiquing your bread would require others to know what your objective was and probably what formula/process you followed.  If you intended to bake a dense bread with a thin crust, then you have failed miserably and have a lot of work ahead of you.  Since you posted this to the "Photography" forum, perhaps you want your photography critiqued.  Looks good to me but I cannot authoritatively offer any suggestions. 

OTOH, if your objective was to bake a bread with exuberant bloom and a crust so perfectly browned and crispy that it looks as though you deep-fried it, then you win the Medal of Honor. 

Nice baking!

-Tom (crustaholic)

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David R

(I have to add, I think this bread looks excellent, and if I was there with you, there would be no more pictures - because I ate the whole thing. ? )

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Our Crumb

Admiring that crust again this morning makes me all the more curious about how you prepared that loaf.  What was the formula and process that you followed to generate what I happily label by far the most craveable bread crust I've seen in a decade at staring at internet bread porn.  I wasn't kidding when I said above that it looks deep fried.  I've never seen ears as delectably crunchable as those. 

How did you do it?  I'm sure I'm not the only loafer who wants to know!


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From the looks of the the loaf and crust I am sure that most professional bakers would be ecstatic to produce such a beauty...

Please tell us your recipe and the steps taken to produce the bread. We also are anxious to see the inside of the bread. The crust speaks volumns.