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Nutrimill Harvest or Mockmill 100?

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Nutrimill Harvest or Mockmill 100?

Hi everyone,

I am shopping for my first grain mill, and I cannot decide between the Nutrimill Harvest and the Mockmill 100! I don't live in a place where I can test them out side by side, and can't find any online reviews comparing them. Does anyone have any insight? A comparison would be great, but information and experience about one or the other is welcome, too. I'm sure either would be fine for my purposes (home baking for a family of 6 - I bake 4-5 loaves once a week), but I can't quite get myself to commit yet. I'm inclined towards the Mockmill.


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I don't own a mill yet, but have been wrestling with the same questions.  I found some reviews for both, as well as specs at

I'm not associated with them in any way, just seen the site mentioned a few times.  The specs have come in handy for me.  I've been trying to decide which mill to buy, just can't make up my mind :(

Post back to this thread and let us know how you make out...