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results of January Community Bake

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Truth Serum

results of January Community Bake

Last month I participated in the Community Bake for Hamelmans 5 grain sourdough bread. I made it 3 times because I was intrigued and pleased with the results. 

I found it was not a dough that it did not knead machine mixing. It benefited from putting some pepita seeds in the soaker, and an autolyse for the flours before adding the starter .

I really benefitted from all the information that others provided. I did not have a charming canine assistant but I did have paper towels. I used these to prevent icky sticky taps.

The pictures came out crappy , but the bread did not!


And of course I had to share the breads with my writing group.

child eating



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Your taste tester seems to approve. The crumb looks nice and I know the flavor is outstanding...

The Community Bake was a success. Many bakers were introduced to Jeffrey Hamelman’s Five-Grain for the first time. IMO it is one of those most special breads.

Stay tuned for the next bake. 

Who knows what we’ll come up with next time. BUT, it will not be easy to beat this one!


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Truth Serum

Thanks Dan. I hope the renovation is going along as planned