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Kitchen Scales Recommendation UK

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Kitchen Scales Recommendation UK

I am fed up with my dodgy digital kitchen scales. Two equal weighs aren't always equal, they don't return to zero when I remove the item and I have suspicions they have helped mess up more than one recipe.

I've changed the batteries and my surface is level.

I can see so many £10-£20 ones on Amazon, all, if you dig, with several reviews that say things that hint at my current problems. I don't want to buy another set only to find the same issue. I don't have a budget that stretches into £100s, but I am willing to pay a little more than average for a reliable set.

Can anyone in the UK recommend a genuinely reliable set that goes at least down to 1g and up to 3kg?


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Our Crumb

I’ve been very satisfied with my Salter scale for about 7 years now. I saw some a couple days ago on the shelves at Peter Jones/John Lewis in Chelsea, if you’re in or near London.  Terrific kitchen store in basement there. And you can then walk across the street and have a sandwich at Poilâne!


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But I'm in Penzance :-)

Thanks for the recommendation.

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I love the ones I bought online from Bakery Bits. About £45 Inc VAT. They do all you ask plus you can always see the read-out  even with a large bowl on them. Lesley  

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Thanks Lesley, I see them.

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which is the same scale that I have used for several years with no problems here in the US.  Their price, with VAT, is £44.39.  Ouch!  Amazon has it for $35.15, here.  

The scale can handle up to 8kg with a sensitivity of 1g.  

MyWeigh also makes a KD-7000, with a 7kg capacity.  Perhaps you can find that for slightly less cost.  

I liked my Salter scale, until it died.  Then I liked my Oxo scale, until it died.  If/when the MyWeigh dies, I will buy another; it's that good.  


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Thanks Paul. Not quite worth shipping a US-bought one over here, still quite a price difference. Do you use the baker's percentage feature?

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No, I don't use that feature, Alison.  That feature struck me as being in the "interesting but not necessary" category when I read the directions.  Here's a link to the User's Manual, where you can read the directions for use.  

And, even if I develop a new formula, I do that on paper or in a spreadsheet ahead of time.  By the time I pull out the scale, the baker's percentage is something I already know.  


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I think I'd be the same.

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Salter scales are good,

I have had these for about a year and the square model before that (it broke and Amazon gave me a full refund after 5 years!).

I have found these easier to read with large bowls

and for really small stuff I use these 'drug dealer' scales hehe

you will see many versions/makes but they are all out of the same factory!

I would not be without EITHER of these scales in the kitchen, best things I ever bought (well, apart from the Lodge oven hehe)

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I've owned many scales over the years and the KD8000 are about the best of the bunch - I have one.

  • big platform
  • proper AA batteries - not expensive CR2032
  • large clear backlit display
  • best of class 8kg capacity

Don't skimp on less - you will regret it. There's a set on Ebay at the moment, unopened return - worth a look.

Agree you should also buy a set of cheap druggie scales too for weighing small amounts. Eg if you are weighing 4g of yeast, a 1g resolution scale will have a potential inaccuracy of +/- 25%.


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bigger platform as this proves a nightmare at the moment for me when I want to scale tempted by the one on eBay Lance! 

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Hi Alison,

I have been using Salter scales 1104 SSDR since  I took up baking. These weigh up to 5kgs but I have noticed as I have been experimenting with very low inoculation doughs that they are not reliable down to 1g. A newer model exists, 1068 SSBKDR. I saw on BB the Bakers' Scales they sell which weighs up to 8 kg. I was not sure whether to buy the mains adaptor so I asked their live chat and was told that was not essential as the batteries have a good life. I then asked about their accuracy for small quantities and they said the scales were not reliable at amounts down to 1g, it was a trade off against the ability to weigh large amounts and that if I needed that degree of precision to buy their pocket scales as well. So I decided to investigate the scales designed for small quantities (I had not realised that they even existed) and found on Amazon, which I like a lot and they measure down to 0.5g or 0.02oz. So I kept my older scales and use the small ones to add small quantities and that works well for me now.


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Thanks Alan. Interesting to have confirmation of this. I have a pocket scale that I love (Salter), they do .05g. I think I'll end up like you with two sets.

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Like yours, my old scale was getting squirrrely so I bought this Ozeri from Amazon. It's been working great as far as I'm comcerned. No decimal fractions of grams (seriously?) and no backlight but it works for me and just $12. No idea if it's available in UK?

Good luck,