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French Fields

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Anne-Marie B

French Fields

The various Rosellas in our garden loves eating the lavender seeds, sometimes daintily holding it with their feet while eating. It served as my inspiration for bread this week. Lavender makes me think of France, so voila, Lavender Fougasse! 

The lavender flavour is very strong, so I used only a sprinkle and combined it with rosemary and orange thyme. I used my wheat sourdough starter for this one.


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Fougasse is always delicious and yours look great.

The parrots are wild  suppose. Pretty colorful!



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Abe (not verified)

Looks delicious and very well shaped. Never heard of lavender as a herb in food. How does it taste?

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Anne-Marie B

Tastes a little bitter. I did not mind the taste as much as the perfume. That is why I used the minimum.

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Way n=better to be on light side from my experience but is does remind me of the beautiful fields in France dedicated to the Herbs DE Provence..  This one has to be tasty if a bit powerful for sure.  The shape fits the bread too!  Well done and happy baking A-MB

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lovely Eastern & Crimson Rosellas and Metung looks like a lovely part of Victoria Anne-Marie, hopefully the heat hasn't been too bad for you there. The Fougasse looks pretty good too! kind regards Derek (Perth)

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Anne-Marie B

Thank you. It has been a milder summer with only one day going over 40 C. But having lived in Perth for about 6 years during the 90s, I knew how to keep cool :)