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Is my thawed (once frozen) pizza dough dead?

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Is my thawed (once frozen) pizza dough dead?

Hello all,

              Two weeks ago I made Ken Forkish's straight yeast pizza dough,enough for two pizzas. We used half of it that night and froze the other half. I took it out of the frig at 9 pm last night and it thawed overnight. I pulled it out of the frig at 9 am and set it on the counter to warm up. It doesn't seem to show many signs of life i.e. rising or bubbles. It is now 2 pm so it has been at room temp (70 degrees) for five hours. Should I consider this dough dead or is it still viable? FYI the recipe only calls for 1/8 instant yeast for 500 grams of dough and it rests overnight,so there's not a lot of yeast in it. Is there anything that can be done to it at this point or is it meant for the garbage bin?


     Anyway,if anyone has any comments I would be appreciative. Thanks so much in advance.




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I have never had good luck freezing raw dough. When I make pizza crust I will just par bake the extra and freeze it wrapped well after it cools. Not quite the same as a raw dough pizza but works for me. I would guess that by now with that small amount of yeast it has done all it can and is used up.


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I have frozen dough for pizza and then used it whether it rose or not. I ended up with a nice cracker type of crust that everyone raved about. 

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Here it said: 

"Add a little bit of extra yeast before freezing.
When you're ready to use your dough, first put it through the second rise and add another teaspoon of yeast to help it rise better."

Frankly speaking, I don't know why it needs extra yeast for pizza/pita dough.