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Yesterday, we were heading out for the day and we were also out of bread. I decided to throw together some dough and stick it in the fridge until today.

So, I put 4 cuops of sifted wholewheat (14%protein) and about 2cups of water and 1/2 cup milk (its thirsty flour) added some oil and salt also. I only put 1 teaspoon of yeast and everything was quite cool. I then let it sit for 20 mins to align the gluten while I got ready, then kneaded it for about 2 mins,,,,,not even that really....and threw it in the fridge.


We came home and I decided to make pizza with it, but it didnt rise at all. So I took it out folded it while cold and put it in a warm oven for about 5 mins hoping to warm it up and make it DO SOMETHING. Then decided it wasnt worth the effort (its was 9:30pm) so in the fridge it went, and this morning it is still quiet and flat.

I am going to do two things. Take a hunk, shape it and bake it, take the rest and use it as a preferment and add it to some more flour. Lets see what happens.




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The only thing I can think of is the yeast. I would think that some rising would have taken place somewhere along the line even if it was quite cold. I use instant yeast and it is always ready to do it's job no matter what the temperature is.

If the dough is very cold and you need to speed things up, (in an emergency like SOS no bread for dinner :-) then you can zap the dough in the microwave for a few seconds - it warms it up very quickly but it's best to fold or knead it a bit to even out the temp.


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A lot of times I'll do a poolish for a whole day and then make a dough the next evening (either a yeast spike to bake that night or I'll toss it in the fridge until morning, but let it rise while at work).

Yeast are happier at room temp. If you need a longer ferment, just put less yeast. Remember - you make dough, the yeast make bread.