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Lucy’s take On Ian’s Cheesy Garlic Holiday Knots

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Lucy’s take On Ian’s Cheesy Garlic Holiday Knots

A few years ago Lucy bookmarked Ian’s Holiday rolls so that we could make them one day and

this Christmas was the day.  Lucy changed it up some by making them sourdough with a tiny IDY kicker.  She subbed cream cheese for the Ricotta cheese, Pecorino for the Parmesan, added an egg, subbed water and non fat dry milk powder for the milk, used sprouted Khorasan for the Kamut and added some sprouted spelt.  So only half the recipe was totally different ?

Oh yea, plus he made them in a 8” square Pyrex pan as pull apart rolls instead of knots.  These 9 rolls scaled at 88.5 g each to fit the pan perfectly.  The girls really oved these rolls saying they were best rolls yet , which is saying something.  When I asked them if they know what made them so good, neither of them guessed garlic and cheese but as soon as I said garlic they said oh yea because it wasn’t like it was hiding or anything but they couldn’t recognize the cheese part.

These were 7 hour from mix to finished rolls hot out of the oven if you discount the 11% pre-fermented 100% hydration LaFama AP flour levain made overnight on the heating pad. We did a 40 minute autolyse with the 60% water, the dough flour, 1g of IDY with the 1.5% salt sprinkled on top.

Then we added in the levain, the egg, the NFDM powder, cream cheese, Parmesan, sugar and softened butter.  We started off with 150 slap and folds followed by 2 sets of 50 and 25 more and resting the dough on an oiled plastic sheet on the heating pad covered with the SS bowl and a towel. The  we did3 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points.

All of the dough slapping and folding sets were done on 30 minute intervals.  Then the dough was divided into 9 rolls, shaped and placed into the pan release sprayed pan and covered with plastic wrap to proof for 3 hours.  They really puffed themselves up well.

Tamales are a staple for Christmas in many Mexican households served with guacamole and salsa to mimic the Mexican flag. .  These are red pork ones.  I prefer green chicken though but they were out of them as they akways are at Food City.  32 years ago there was one privately owned Food City in Phoenix on Mohave.  The 60 foot long buffet kitchen was just the same as it is now in all the FS stores kitchens that are now owned by Basha's.  They served the same tamales as they do now except that the 50 fly swatters that used to be hooked onto that long serving line are now gone.  The fly swatters weren't for the flies tough.  They were there for the parents to use to swat their unruly kids back into line.  My how times have changed:-)

Turkey breast cooked on Indirect heat, outside burners only, on the grill at 325 F until it reaches 165 F and then let rest for 30 minutes. 

We were making candied root veggies (butternut squash, carrots and sweet potatoes) in the oven and they ere putting off some fine steam for the rolls at 375 F.  We egg washed the rolls and out them in for 20 minutes but they didn’t brown at all so we raised the temperature to 425 F convection for 5 minutes to brown them well. 

When they came out, we brushed them with non-fat milk to keep them really soft.   The inside was soft moist fluffy and shredable.  Since we didn’t make dressing to go with the Turkey breast on the grill these rolls wee a big hit.  They would also make fine white bread for dressing next time though?  Wouldn’t change a thing but Lucy probably will next time.


2.8% NMNF rye starter

11% LaFama AP

11% Water


14% sprouted spelt and sprouted Kamut

8.5% Smart and Final High Gluten flour

67.5% LaFama AP flour

60% Non Fat Milk (water and NFDMP)

12% butter

8% Cream Cheese

4% sugar

4% garlic

6% Pecorino Cheese

12% egg

1.5% Pink Himalayan sea salt (less than normal because of the salty Pecorino)

1 g of Instant Yeast


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An amazing recipe! There is nothing like cheese and garlic together! By the way, dried garlic powder, fresh crushed garlic, or roasted garlic? 

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to make cranberry, turkey sandwiches for lunch!  The garlic was fresh minced fine.  If you use roasted then you would want to used twice as much.  Caramelized onion would be good in there too.  These rolls were killer but my spinach and cheese bagel with scallion cream cheese and Lox for breakfast with a pumpernickel bagel on the side was right up there.  You have to love the holidays and not being on a diet to bring out the best in bread as your customers know so well

Glad you liked the rolls Danni and happy baking in the New Year too!:-)

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They're three of my favourite foods on earth so I'm sure I'd adore these rolls! The crumb looks really nice and soft as well: no wonder the rolls earned such high praise from the girls :)

I have yet to make tamales as I was too lazy to get some dried corn husks from a supermarket that's pretty far from where I live. Now after seeing how tasty yours appear to be, I made myself a promise to grab a pack the next time I go there! If only I have an oven large enough to hold a turkey...

Happy baking: I'm glad to see that you're doing a lot more of it these days!

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of silicone and used for baking and one is low end with half the silicone and half the price that is used for tamales in place of corn husks when you don't have any:-)  The Granny that taught me how to make them used them exclusively since she had a a hard time finding corn husks in Kansas City 45 years ago:-)  We don't make them as much as we used to though.......especially during the holidays when they are on sale at Food City and they are so good too.  I'm hoping they have the green chili chicken ones today when I go there..... otherwise Lucy will have to make them for New Years.

Now my wife wants me to make this roll recipe into a loaf for sandwiches:-)  I'm glad you like the rolls too!  I guess my wife misses Garlic Wonder Bread!  My daughter got me the best bread knife ever for Christmas, made by Wusthof and highly recommended.  Now I can slice any bread in 1/8th inch slices so I have to make more:-)

Happy baking and cooking in the New Year Elsie.

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Anne-Marie B

It looks just delicious. Enjoy!

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Glad to see you posting!  You would love these rolls.

Happy baking in the New Year Anne-Marie

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Anne-Marie B

Thank you, it is so good to be back.

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Always hard to beat. I am planning to make a bread with alliums for the new year and I am getting excited! Everything looks nice, I would have to ask for your killer recipes one of these days!

Happy baking!

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Good luck with the new oven and teaching in the New Year!  

The best to yo and yours!

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These look amazing!  Great adaptation and I think even better than my original.  My new version did not come out nearly as good as yours did.

Happy New Year to you, Lucy and your family.

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Thanks for the inspiration; Now it is time to get ready for our traditional New Years Eve Pizza. Smoked sausage, smoked mushrooms and smoked onions with s spicy tomato sauce served with the best red wine you have on hand and a champagne toast at the end.

Sad news! Lucy had a stroke on Friday night while sleeping and is now deaf, nearly blind and has a hard time walking; She is getting around better today though.....but still has a hitch in her gettiup..... Poor thing. It has been very cold here so she can't lay out in the sun to warm up like usual. Will be in the low 50's this week and lows in the high 20's. Have to cover the lettuce and tomatoes at night for a week. Never had to do that at all last year!

\Happy baking in the New Year Ian and Lucy sends her best to the rest of the Pack.

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Hopefully she can still find a warm spot and supervise your efforts from there! 

Happy New Year dabrownman and Lucy!


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I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy.  I hope she is feeling better and we will pray she continues to recover.  Max and Lexi send their love to Lucy and hope the New Year will bring her some relief.

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It is really hard when out pets get older. I know you will take great care of her! Hugs!

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of 2019 way better than she finished 2018.  At 14,67 years old she feels like 102.5 for us!  If I'm that good at 102.5 it will be unbelievable.  We got a Roomba for New Year's Eve from the daughter and her husband.  Lucy, being deaf, couldn't hear it start up this morning but when it worked its way down to the bedroom where she was resting and she saw it, she freaked out, barked like crazy limped over and tried to eat it.  Then she peed on the carpet - Jeeze:-)  So she is getting better:-)

Happy New year to all!

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Nice, elegant ans shiny rolls


dabrownman's picture

They were delicious and everything you want out of a holiday roll!

Happy Baking in 2019 pul