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Sourdough newbie in Germany!

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Sourdough newbie in Germany!

Hey all, 

I moved to Germany a few months ago from the States, and just started making sourdough a few weeks ago. It's been a super fun process, and I'm learning a lot. 

For all but one loaf I have followed the "sourdough masterclass" recipe from a video on youtube with great results. I got my starter from a friend in town. It wasn't rising very well in the beginning, but after tweaking it, it now triples in 4-5 hours, and yields some beautiful bread. I bake my bread in a pyrex dish because I don't have a dutch oven at the moment, but I look forward to getting one and trying some different methods in the future. 

I'm excited to learn from you all! 

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I made this transition the other way round, moving from Hamburg to Maine.

When I started baking my own bread here (had to, with the next decent bakery a 2-hour drive away) I soon realized that US-flours have a higher protein/gluten content than German or European ones. Also, their specifications are different. If you don't take that into account you might experience some unpleasant surprises.

You might check out my European/American flour type "translation":

Happy baking,


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Hello tatemakes

Karen makes a good point about the flour being very different to use. You can find excellent hobby baker advice from these two:

Both of these addresses will steer you in a very good direction, with excellent formulas and sound advice from talented bakers using euro-flour.

cheers and happy baking

Ps: have you considered a baking steel or baking stone rather than a dutch oven? All three are good to have.





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Hello everyone! Did you find a good flour for making sourdough in Germany. I still haven't figured out which is best. Any tips would be great!

Thanks in advance,