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40 years ago my thesis in Architectural school was about building a sustainable city

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40 years ago my thesis in Architectural school was about building a sustainable city


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Our Crumb

THANKS for posting these links, dab! 

It's YOUR FAULT that I didn't finish writing our christmas cards tonight but sometimes higher priorities intervene. 

This is great stuff dab.  Silly me.  I thought that whole NM visionary building ethos died with Paolo Soleri.  Ha.  NOT.

I'll forward these links to my son the architect.  Eyes off Rem Koolhaas and on these dude!

Happy Holidays!


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are diametrically opposed.  One is totally unsustainable - the destroyer of worlds while claiming to be sustainable and one is obviously, organically sustainable.  One destroys and pollutes the earth and it's resources and one promotes them for a higher utility.  I worked at Paolo Soler's Arcosanti, in Black Canyon Arizona,for a month in the summer building domes and arches when I was a  2nd year architecture student.  I don't know for sure but I would bet that Reynolds worked there too.  Paolo was a Frank Loyd Wright apprentice and he took Frank's organic architecture toward the sustainable arena and Reynolds has taken it even further making it a reality.

Like Paolo, Reynilds has taken the model of having workers pay him to build his stuff and do the huge amount of labor required for an Earthship..  The folks that work for Earthship get their houses built basically for free and they are sustainable and require little money to operate them making for a lifestyle that allows you to do what you love.... rather than being forced to love what you do in what ever job you have.  So, no job is required once your house is built and you can do as you please without any interference from crazy governments and other whack jobs - it is called real freedom and liberty and why its attraction is so strong for younger folks who have muscles and brains but no degree to get a good paying job.  This allows them to flourish in a weird and difficult world for them.

It will be interesting to see who the next, Wright, Soleri and Reynolds will be but we know it won't be Rem:-)  It won't be me either.  Maybe it will be your son.

Here is another one or two or 3