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20181121 Rus Brot's German Rye using Monheim's sourdough

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20181121 Rus Brot's German Rye using Monheim's sourdough

 Rus's instructions on YouTube 



Below are my notes of this bake, please contact Rus directly if you need to clarify any of these steps.  




levain                      1              starter - rye flour                                                  =              18          3.00%

levain                      1              starter - water                                                       =              18          3.00%

levain                      1              levain - KA white rye                                            =              180        30.00%

levain                      1              levain - water 50C/122F                                     =              180        30.00%

levain                      1              levain - salt                                                            =              3.00        0.50%


(Starting at 35C/95F, falling to 33C/91.4F)x 8 + (23C-73.4F) x 12-14hrs                                 


main dough           2              main dough - KA white rye                                 =              342        57.00%

main dough           2              main dough - wheat                                             =              60          10.00%

main dough           2              main dough - water 37C/98.6F                          =              216        36.00%

main dough           2              main dough - salt                                                 =              9              1.50%

main dough           2              main dough - yeast                                               =              3              0.50%


(45min x 28-30C/82.4-86F) + (45-60min x RoomTemp) 


485F x 10 + steam

392F x 40-45



                                Total dough weight                               1,029    


                                Overall hydration                  69%        




Tremendous oven spring!






Sliced after cooling for 5 hours. 

I forgot this is a 90% rye, and the crumb was not set yet.

The hardest part of this bake was finding a light-colored medium rye flour.

I used KA's white rye (90%) and Giusto's Ultimate Performer (10%)

With Rus's instructions, the rest of the procedures was a piece of  






Dear food slicer, my hands thank you!


Springy and tangy slices, love them!


Thank you, Rus!


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Beautiful loaf! Usually those heavy close crumbed rye breads do nothing for me, but I certainly like this one. Well done!

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and especially outside!  I've been trying to watch the video before commenting but I just haven't managed to get around to it so I thought I would comment and then watch and see if that works:-)  This one has to be tasty with such an open moist crumb too!  Well done and happy baking .  I'm putting some of your Borodinsky in my stuffing on Sunday with some cornbread and yeast white bread.  I have Cousin Jay's turkey carcass bones and neck simmering way to make turkey stock.  He asked if I wanted to take anything home the other night and I told him I wanted the bones and he looked at me like I was crazy:-)

Well done and Happy baking Yippee!

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Glad you like this bread; I'm quite happy with it, too!

Happy Baking!


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Probably not what most associate a 90% rye loaf with!

I'm starting to appreciate the flavour of rye too after baking my first >50% rye bread a week ago. I'm not that fond of the cooling part though :) Waiting for a day before slicing is such a torture...

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is probably a more precise description than "soft". (The slices are not 軟熟, but 彈牙.)Its mouthfeel has "substance", which I love.  I also adore its lingering tangy aftertaste, which makes me crave for another slice. It was easy to achieve such great results; all I had to do was following the instructions and the formula!

It needs at least 8 hours to cool.  I was fooled by its light color and forgot it's a high % rye loaf! 

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If 軟熟 is what I'm after, I can save my effort by grabbing a loaf in any bakery :) After all, soft sandwich-style bread is the mainstream in HK. There're all kinds of Japanese style super soft "超熟" bread, and to be honest, it is hard to beat the superior shelf life of store-bought bread ( I have no objection to additives).

FYI, 用詞不當 is one of the comments I often received for my Chinese writing in Secondary school...

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凍檸, 凍齡????