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Over-proofed Beauties

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Over-proofed Beauties

I knew these would likely over-proof, but I pushed it anyway.

Hamelman multigrain - 50% five whole grain, sifted with a bran levain, of course (kamut, red and white wheat, emmer, last of the sprouted spelt), with honey, a few tbs of my faux red rye malt, and a soaker containing whatever was lying around:  the last of the dried Borodinsky from last winter, teff, chia, and sunflower seeds.  I added lots of extra water during the mix.  It's all relative when working with whole grains and a soaker, but I'd be surprised if this was under 85% hydration.

The dough was oh so slack at first, but tightened nicely with a few folds every half hour.  I fermented at 80 F for the first hour or so then lowered to 76, which didn't cool it down much.  I should have shortened the bulk but didn’t, and it got 2.5 hours before shaping.  Shaping went well, but I knew what was coming.  When I checked the cold-proofing loaves before bed they were already quite inflated.  Not surprisingly they didn’t get good lift during the bake.  But the results are good anyway, and from the crumb you'd hardly know what a knucklehead I am.  In fact, one person on the ferry said it was her favorite of my breads so far.  Go know.

Eye-level shot tells the story - over-proofed loaves that spread.


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awfully good to me. And with all the good stuff you tossed into it, the taste had to be fantastic!

Enjoy your bread.


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You're being too hard on yourself...certainly not a "knucklehead" given the bread I have seen posted over the past few years!  And anytime you start flirting with hydration above 85% it's going to be challenging getting everything right - the shaping, proofing, scoring, transfering to the oven.  The crumb looks good and given the third party endorsement from the woman on the ferry, it was a good bake Phil!

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Cheers, CM.  Yes, I'm very pleased with it.  I'm being a little tongue in cheek here.  I just meant that I anticipated that this was likely to overproof, and then did nothing to stop it from happening.  I wanted newer bakers to see what this looks like.  I was pretty surprised by the quality of the crumb, though.