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Moffat Oven E32D4

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Silver Blues

Moffat Oven E32D4



I just received my long awaited Moffat Turbofan E32D4 Oven and P8M Proofer.

I needed advice on the kind of water connection that this oven and proofer requires. In the manual it gives all the specs about what kind of water it needs, but I am not sure which kind of water purifier I will need to use.

Since we do not have drinkable tap water here in India, there are a range of water purifiers available. Some use RO (Reverse Osmosis) purification and some UV filtration. There are also products that use RO+UV. 

Would anyone be kind enough to leave a suggestion on this )

Thank you,


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Reverse osmosis would probably be the best, because it will take out almost everything and give you a very pure water.  It is used to make drinking water from sea-water.


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T, I agree with Ford,  I don't know what type of UV system you have there, but in the US, the UV systems are described as water purification, not filtration, and use ultraviolet light to kill micro organisms in the water, not to filter out sediment      Once the water turns into steam, my guess is that would kill the micro organisms, so the RO + UV may be overkill- though you may want to check with your supplier. 


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I suspect that it might be ultrafiltration, not ultraviolet, which would make sense if you start with a particularly foul water.

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Hi there,


just wondering, where did you get the oven from? Are they available for sale in india

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Got the same oven for my sourdough and pastries, did you use the main water mains for water injection, or is it possible to add a water reservoir to the oven?