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superbowl baking

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superbowl baking

We don't really watch the superbowl, and in fact don't have a tv this year (don't ask) but why not eat silly food anyway?


Not my greatest photo, but we ate all the pretty samples so there's no chance for a re-shoot. In the bowl (impossible to make out) is homemade nacho cheese sauce. I made a simple white sauce with cheddar and monterey jack, and added some chopped whole jalapenos that I froze from the garden last year. Could be thicker but WAY tastier than the kind you get at the cafeteria!


These are from Daniel Leader's Local Breads (newest cookbook acquisition) and the dough was lovely to work with.


Also have my first ever batch of baked beans in the oven. May have to post a picture (they are baked so that counts, right?) because I'm quite smitten with them--they take forever though and your house smells good ALL DAY.


Anybody else making fun food for super sunday?




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They look great.  Just purchased Leader's book.  You've motivated me to give it a try.


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And, the next day, they had that slightly rubbery texture like the commercial type pretzels.  They didn't last more than a day though!  I'd love to make a double batch, but you retard them shaped overnight so they kind of take up space.  One tip, though, they didn't rise too much in the fridge, so next time I'll put them closer together.


I've got the "light rype" from local bread in the oven now, we'll see how it goes!