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Hamelman 50-50 Whole Wheat Levain

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Hamelman 50-50 Whole Wheat Levain

Some of you might have seen a post recently by user/morb1lee ( offering samples of his wheat grain.

This 50% whole wheat using Lee's grain is the result.  I chose this plain recipe to showcase the grain, and am quite please with the results.  I ground the grain, sifted, and used the bran for the levain.  I highly recommend this process (which I owe to dabrownman), as it softens the bran, making the dough silky smooth, softens the bran so as not to sever the gluten strands, and making the whole grain more digestible.  The finished bread is as soft as sandwich bread.

The final rise was a 24 hour cold retard.


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Beautiful color and tempting-looking crumb.

Enjoy them!


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It looks great and must taste so too! Kat

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moments in an overall dim baking apprenticeship):-)  You got great rise and a soft  open crumb for a 50/50 whole grain bread.  Just beautimous all the way around.  Has to be nice to eat a healthy and hearty bead everyday! It's just the way it is supposed to be! 

Well done and Happy baking

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Just look at how full it is and I know it got great oven spring!