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Back at the college

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Back at the college

I called into South Metro Tafe Beaconsfield yesterday to make a booking for lunch at Quinlan's Training Restaurant for next week and was informed that the facility will be closing for good at the end of this term which is only 5 weeks away. 
I was given the opportunity to endulge myself and spend this morning with a number of Commercial Cookery students in the training restaurants bakery. Under the circumstances i thought it wise to grab the chance while i could.
As i did a test run with the 10% Millet bread posted here just yesterday i opted to do that but a much larger dough 5Kg of flour and using the big Hobart mixer. this was followed by a fruit dough 5Kg making Cinnamon Scrolls just like we used to make for the Cancer Councils fund raising Australia's biggest morning tea.
All four students were very attentive and were picking up their hand skills very quickly.
i will be back next week but seated in the restaurant see the menu.




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and teaching them all about baking!  the tools and bread look grand. Sad the facility is closing.  Ha[py baking Derek!

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Thanks Dab it was great being able to do things on the grander scale twinged with sadness that such a well equipped  facility will be closing its doors for good and the other venue is not nearly as good. The good news is that the Wood Fired Oven may well be saved and moved to the other location, it will be a big job but doable.

Kind regards Derek  

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Could tear into one of those scrolls right now!

Sorry to hear Quinlan's is closing. Is the new place an instance of "downsizing"? Whatever, hope they DO retain the WFO. Nuts if they don't. Fond memories of our night baking pizzas and bread together and supping on beef cheeks from Quinlan's after close.



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Yes its most disappointing as the facilities for the students are far superior to what is at the other facilities or the private provider in Fremantle.

I think the relocation of the WFO might end up being to hard, although if it goes to Bentley it is where the baking trade does apprentice technical training and worth having with the renewed interest in Artisan and Wood Fired Baking.

Worse case scenario try to salvage the fire bricks when the bull dozer moves in, perhaps a carton of beer barter! 

kind regards Derek