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White with Millet

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White with Millet

What do you do when given some interesting flour to play with? well you have to go home and try it straight away! i made a White loaf with 10% addition of Millet Flour.

I required enough dough to fill a banneton 750g

bakers flour 90% 393g
millet flour 10% 42g
salt 2% 9g
lard 2% 9g
malt 2% 9g
yeast (dry) 2% 9g
water 70% 295g

This was quite a quick acting dough and when shaped i decided to make the loaf placed upside down in a banneton to prove but like the old uprights that can be pulled apart quite easily , look a bit like siamese twins. The Aroma is quite divine if the taste is half as good i will be well pleased!




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How did the crumb come out?

I have used millet in the past, but it was so long ago I don't recall what it tasted like.


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Hi Ian the taste was pretty good the aroma was exceptional especially during the bake. The crumb was fairly tight as it was a fairly short bulk fermentation. it was after this bake that i followed it up with a 5kg bake of the same formula at the doomed college the very next day and that turned out good too, However that dough was treated as an instant dough  with the addition of a commercial bread improver, the dinner rolls looked good but haven't got feed back from the patrons as i went home at the beginning of service.   

the only picture i got of the crumb was the second bigger bake

Kind regards Derek