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Feedback on my bagels

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Feedback on my bagels

Hey everyone,

First time poster here. Im a self taught bread maker of a few years and recently started trying to perfect some more traditional recipies of breads like croissants and bagels. I am pretty happy with the results of my bagels so far but would love to get some feedback on the skin/colour/shape of my bagels and any advice on how you would improve it.

Ive been asked through word of mouth to make some bagels to be sold at a cafe and if I do it then I would really like them to be top notch.

Thanks in advance,

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I'd need to taste them to provide proper feedback...but I'm willing to do that

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They look absolutely tip-top, to me, but as others have noted, looks aren't everything. :)

Are they good and chewy? If so, I would say you are onto a winner.

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Thank you :)

And yes they are nice and chewy. When they come out hot they are chewy and lovely and soft in the middle and with a 24 hour minimum retardation in the fridge they are full of flavour BUT my only concern is after a couple of hours when they are cooled down the chewiness is much more significant and it can give the jaw a work out. Is this normal for Bagels? (We don't have bagels where I am from and I wing it a lot) How would they normally be sold? hot? fresh within a few hours or toasted after a while? Can they be rewarmed on order maybe?

I wish I lived somewhere that had real bagels so I could try this out for myself!

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I live in the NYC area where we have lots of great bagel shops. It's normal for cooled-down bagels to become extremely chewy and "give the jaw a work-out", as you said.

They are best consumed within a few hours of being baked. Once a bagel has cooled, you can revive it by putting it in the oven for a few minutes until the crust becomes crisp again and the crumb softens.

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The only way I can give you feedback is to try some.  Message me and I'll give you my address.

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thanks so much for the comments! Ive managed to feel a bit less nervous about serving people my bread. (wish I could send you all some :) )