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Fresh Figs

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Fresh Figs

Making a loaf at the weekend I thought it might be fun to throw in a few fresh figs I'd bought. For the first minute or so all seemed well but then the dough fell of the hook and turned into batter. I first thought extra fluid from the figs may have done this, but it looked quite extreme. I added a bit more flour to no avail, then added more, and again. Getting the dough out and handling it showed that there was virtually no gluten formation. The dough just pulled apart with hardly any stretch. I let it rise and put it in a tin to prove and then baked it. It came out like a gluten free brick loaf.

Searching around I found that figs have a protease in them called ficin which softens and degrades gluten. Apparently Papaya has a similar effect. I had never come across this before and it was really dramatic. I thought I'd post it to

A) Ask if anyone else has had the same experience, and

B) Suggest that if anyone else was thinking about using fresh figs in bread, then don't