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Some doughs don't catch on my KitchenAid Pro Line 7Qt

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Some doughs don't catch on my KitchenAid Pro Line 7Qt

I recently purchased a KitchenAid Pro Line 7 Qt mixer, and I've done the dime-calibration to make sure it's not off.

While this mixer seems to work great for my bao recipe (from Modernist Bread), it seems to fail for certain doughs like my lean french bread and my pizza dough (same book). The spiral hook just spins and shreds through the dough, rather than having the dough catch onto it to knead. 

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Is there just not enough dough? Am I using the wrong speed? Are these machines known to fail for certain doughs? If my explanation is awful I can take some videos. 

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I have the same mixer and had the same problem. I tried using the 7qt bowl with the dough hook that comes with it, and had the problem where the hook just would not catch the dough well. Then I tried the 6qt glass bowl with its dough hook and same problem. Then I decided to try the 7qt dough hook with the glass bowl and voila! It worked! I think the dough hooks that come with the bowls just aren’t long enough to knead well unless you’re making huge batches. So, I think if you could get an 8qt dough hook, it would probably work with the 7qt bowl that comes with the Pro Line.