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My Daily Bread inspired by Skibum and Sarah Owens

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Truth Serum

My Daily Bread inspired by Skibum and Sarah Owens


This is a recipe  that I have adapted from Sarah Owens book Toast and Jam. It uses a rye tangzhong and has the option of making it with a combination of sourdough starter and commercial yeast or just using sourdough starter. I have done it both ways and it always comes out great.  If you are not using commercial yeast you will need to use 150 grams of starter.


I have found it is best to grind your 45 grams of buckwheat flour in blender. The little bit of extra effort is worth it. I use a bullet blender.




For the tangzhong

45 grams

Rye flour

115 grams


115 grams





In a saucepan combined these ingredients with a whisk until smooth. Then place the pan over medium low heat stirring constantly until it thickens  about 3 to 4  minutes. It might be pourable and its ok if its thickened beyond that. 




Put this mixture in a 6 qt kitchenaid or large bowl if hand mixing it will be hot to cool it  your milk and butter should be cold

60 grams

Buckwheat honey or wildflower honey

230 grams


85 grams

Unsalted butter,Cut up into cubes

Stir to combined then take the temperature make sure you get this mixture  to 90 degrees F or less before adding the other ingredients.

630 grams

Bread flour

100 grams

Active starter

45 grams

Buckwheat flour

1 tsp

Active dry yeast

100 grams 

2 eggs beaten

Combined all of these ingredients until you cant see any streaks

Let the dough rest covered in the bowl for 20 -30 minutes.

Then add

15 grams of fine sea salt *

*I also add seeds at this point

Knead thoroughly until a smooth dough is achieved, Let proof  till tripled in size. 3 hours if using commercial yeast longer if using sourdough. Watch the dough not the clock


Grease two small pullman loaf pans . Divide dough in half . Form loaves   Watch dough. Anticipate when dough will  almost come to the tops of the loaf tins, so you can preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.




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Truth Serum

it makes a fantastic pbj sandwich.

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Love the addition of the buckwheat.

Nice bake.



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Truth Serum

this bread makes two loaves and the extra loaf goes to my friends and their three children. This week the baby ate my bread for the first time. 

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I have never tried buckwheat flour. I am guessing it would add a subtle nutty flavour and I will have to try it. 

Frankly I am honoured that my loaf inspired you. Thanks for the nice compliment, and . . .

Happy baking! Ski

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Truth Serum

Buckwheat does add a subtle flavor and the difference between grinding this small amount , buckwheat is nice and soft and using commercial  buckwheat flour is significant.

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Truth Serum

I was fooling around with some starter flour and freshly ground buckwheat flour. It was basically a 123 sourdough with 10 percent freshly ground buckwheat flour in it. It came out great, put dough in  pullman pans , 1 slash, baked  at 425 farenheit. for 35 minutes till 205 degrees F. So sorry no time.