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Wonder MIll Mixer vs Bosch Mixer

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Wonder MIll Mixer vs Bosch Mixer

HI All,

I tried to do a search, and either the questions I am asking is not one that has been asked, or I am unable to search correctly. I am beating on the second , but I will ask anyway, and beg forgiveness if this has been addressed already. 

I currently have a KA stand mixer. I have loved using it, but do note that there are some minor issues ( not working well on smaller amounts of batter/dough and not managing rye doughs well are the two main issues) . I have long pined for a Bosch , after seeing one demo'd at Costco around the holidays once. IT promised to manage the rye dough AND be able to handle Grandma's Monster cookie recipe. 

Today I was daydreaming again and was looking up Bosch mixers on Amazon, and saw a Wonder Mill also. I googled it, and found some positive reviews, and no bad reviews- which makes me worried a bit. 

Does anyone here have experience with the Wonder Mill mixer, and maybe experience with a Bosch also to offer a comparison? 

I primarily use my mixer for sour dough bread, and over the holidays, I use it for cookies and Stollen, and other sweet breads. I would say it is used every other week. I might use a mixer that could manage rye breads more, as that is what I woudl really like to start making. 

Again, if this has been addressed already, please point me to the right place, and if not, I welcome any input. 

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I own a Wonder Mill Junior mill, and it is built like a tank. But I have no knowledge of their mixer.

The people at Pleasan Hill Grains sell both. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They will give you good advice.


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The Roadside Pi...

The wonder mill looks a peach! Same drive method as the Bosch, cheaper than the Bosch. Had I know of this brand I may have took a closer look. Seems to me, maybe, the patent ran out on the Bosch and wonder mill made a nice copy? Meanwhile I am liking my new Bosch. 

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Just my two cents... but my MIL was looking into the same thing last year. I've had my Bosch for a long time and it's been incredible with bread. Such a workhorse. But I told my MIL that I'd help her look into it just in case a Wondermix was better (I was kind of intrigued too, wondering if I needed to upgrade). We did some research and came across this post from a blogger I'd been following that really helped us -

My MIL ended up getting a Bosch Universal Plus (like mine) and has loved it too. While the Wondermix is cheaper and appears to do all that a Bosch can do, I beg to differ (no offense to Wondermix fans). I think Bosch is the better choice, especially for baking bread. I've had mine for years and it still works just as great as the day I bought it. Hope that helps!

p.s Some other baking bloggers I follow have been sharing Bosch Mixer specials... some good discounts now that the holiday season is starting. Might be worth looking into, especially if you've been "pining" for a Bosch for a while ;)