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20180909 Rus Brot's Borodinsky 1940

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20180909 Rus Brot's Borodinsky 1940


This is probably the easiest post I've ever written...








One for you, one for him, NONE for me 


Bye Bye babies...

Hope the uncles will treat you well...

At least take a crumb shot that's not out-of-focus and not too fuzzy


I hope these are my graduation loaves for Borodinsky

I really want to move on to Rus's next bread


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then you need to find a better bakery.  The Red Bow was a nice touch in keeping with the Soviet Era Borodinsky.... plus it looked pretty too:-)

I had warm bread arrive in the mailbox yesterday.  We all love warm bread straight from the oven but it is especially good from the mailbox.  It sliced into 1/4" slices easily enough and smelled terrific and tasted even better.  

I have to admit the first few slices went down last night unadorned in any way.  Then this morning it was toast with just plain butter and then for lunch today, not in keeping with a bread made for the soviet masses, I gussied it up with a tomato, some Colby jack cheese, a bit of lettuce and a couple of slices of olive loaf to simulate a rich oligarch's fancy bologna sandwich:-)  It was delicious and I have to admit that I thought about opening a gulag for the bourgeoisie like me.

It seems odd that you can have the best Borodinsky delivered to your doorstep but finding even the worst olive loaf is almost impossible today at any price.  There should be Soviet style rules for Olive Loaf in America like there was in Russia for 1940 Style Borodinsky so that we could get some somewhere just as easily as getting Borodinsky delivered.  What is America coming to?

The only thing I have to add is that the crumb was perfect, moist but not gummy and the crust was boldy baked and shined up like a nice piece of walnut furniture!  A beautiful loaf o bread to behold and one even better to eat!  Our Yippee is making some fine Rus bread for sure and his formulas are just as nice.  Thanks to both of them and keep that bread arriving:-)  I'm taking this one and the last one to my brother's in Houston next week to savor with his fine wines and his wife's cheese and meat plate.  They need to get to know some fine Russian rye breads straight from the New Rye Yippee! MY SIL's father was one of the great, meat smokers in Missouri and a plate of ribs, sausage and chicken would be perfect with this bread.  Forget that traditional white bread with BBQ.

Thanks Yippee!

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Thank you so much Yippee for this awesome loaf.  It made it's way all the way to Long Island, New York!

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for completing my post with your pictures and feedback.  True collaborating teamwork!

Gifting bread away keeps me slim and makes you guys happy - win-win! 

Rus is very pleased with your response! He approved my graduation!   

Kudos to the US Postal Service for delivering rye bread in prime conditions from California to New York in 2 days, flat rate! 

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Wow that awesome Yippie, the bread looks amazing and the 2d delivery time is perfect.  The rye would have been nicely cured by then and ready for consumption.