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Vienna Rolls for bbd #06

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Vienna Rolls for bbd #06


I found three interesting ways to shape Vienna rolls in an old professional bakers’ manual published in London in 1909. I scaled down the recipe given in the book—which originally called for 17 lb of flour—but I left it otherwise unchanged. The rolls bake beautifully crispy on the outside and have a nice layered interior. —— Clockwise from the bottom in the picture are shown the cannon roll, the horseshoe, and the twin or double roll.
instructions and pictures are here



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I have to try these...the process is very interesting. Thanks for the pics and recipe!



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Manuela - Those are beautiful rolls! I love the illustrations on your blog. I'm really enjoying the "history" aspect to your recipes and wonder how you come across some of these wonderful old sources. I am going to keep my eye open for unique old recipes and if I find something worthy I will certainly let you know about it. I love your posts.


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The rolls look good, and I loved reading the instructions.  Thanks for posting.

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@ Zolablue; many old cookbooks are available eithe ron line or in Universities' libraries an archives. I also own a few--not many--and some reproductions. If you do find interetsing old recipes I would be delighted to recreate them, thank you!