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This has zilch to do with baking

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

This has zilch to do with baking

But you can all enjoy it while eating your bread. It's hilarious and just wanted to share. Enjoy...

Come to think of it, it does remind me of my baking. 


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Abe (not verified)

I want to go see it. This was an excerpt done for the Royal Variety Performance.


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Just in case you got injured and were carted off to the hospital.  Now i know why.  Mom's know everything

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Abe (not verified)

Glad you enjoyed it Dabrownman. It's good to laugh. 

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A slow start - I may not be well attuned to British stand up, but the act is pretty darn funny.  Reminds me of the play called Noises Off by Michael Frayn.

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Abe (not verified)

And thanks for the heads up about Noises Off. I'll check it out. 

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Abe, I recently stumbled upon this clip that I had not seen before; it may amuse you: