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Whole-Grain Loaf from Modernist Bread

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Whole-Grain Loaf from Modernist Bread

Has anyone made the “Whole-Grain Loaf” from Modernist Bread? It is apparently an adaptation of a recipe by Chad Robertson. I am in the process of trying this, but I got absolutely no rise in the overnight proof, or for that matter, in the bulk ferment I think there could be some error in the recipe. The “dough” was supposed to be “paste-like,” but mine was more of a batter, so I added a bit more flour. I don‘t think there is any problem with my starter because I have not had any problems with the standard levains that I have been baking.

So, has anyone made this formula, or the original by Robertson?

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I have not tried that recipe, but I have struggled in general with recipes from MB involving rye flour, and have found I need to reduce hydration significantly to make them work. I assume this is because the the flour I have access to (in Toronto) is different than the flour they were working with.