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Video - Hipster discovers sourdough

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Video - Hipster discovers sourdough

I was chatting with abe about how can i get inspired to bake more sourdough and this Hipster dude got me excited - check out how soft his seeded loaf at the end. Only complaint is he bags on yeasted breads so I'll drop a little reminder that yeast is amazing and thank old school technology we can pick the stuff up for dirt cheap and make awesome bread !

here we go for a dose of hippy dippy millenials discovering there's more to life than apps, bitcoin, uber and twitch streaming -


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Abe (not verified)

some time ago I too saw this video and thought I'd love to make that. So far the only thing I've done is get up at stupid 'o clock and walk around looking like a zombie, as in the video, but I've yet to make the bread. That's gotta be a tasty loaf.

Thanks for the reminder Geremy.

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Lazy Loafer

That does indeed look like the perfect sourdough! It's a good video to show people that you can, in fact, shape wet, sticky, slack dough and have it turn out lovely. I like the seasoning mix and the seeded crust, and learned a new way to cut my parchment to fit better into the cast iron pots! Thanks for posting.