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Lucy Goes Rogue With White Bread Sourdough Ciabatta With 15% Whole Kamut

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Lucy Goes Rogue With White Bread Sourdough Ciabatta With 15% Whole Kamut

After one loaf of 50% sprouted and whole grain bread she went back to a white bread this week.  Yeah, she picked one that we don’t do very often at 83% hydration, it had some whole grain in it that was semi-related to durum semolina, we needed something to put pork inside with cheese and then into the panini press and at least it was SD.

 it was perfect after the last set of folds.  Should have put it in a basket right them and there:-)

I think she was swayed by Abe talking about doing a ciabatta and Able giving her some history on the bread straight from Italy via Mexico that said the hydration shouldn’t be more than 80% and why I think she picked one more a few percent more than that:-)

Rather that do a big ciabatta, she picked to do individual ones that would fit perfectly in the panini press and be the right size to split in half for a sandwich.  But Lucy didn’t want to follow the rules about ciabatta either but I forced her to at least try a little bit. 

Green Chili Stuffed Pork Carnitas Enchilada with Crema, Pico and Guacamole

Most ciabatta is made with commercial yeast but she wanted sourdough with a bran levain.  Most ciabatta is made with a mixer for good reason but, she wasn’t having any of it. The 21 % pre-fermented flour mostly La Famea AP, bran levain was retarded for 48 hours also not a norm of any kind.   We made it using a 30 minute autolyse, slap and folds and stretch and folds, 2 each on 30 minute intervals.

I tried to mooch down this Irish Swiss cheese, caramelized onion, Poblano peppers, mushroom,bacon burger with lettuce, avocado and make it mouth size but no luck.

After letting the dough rest for half an hour, we divided it into roughly 100 g pieces and let them proof for an hour and half before firing up the oven to 450 F.  Right before they went into the oven I refused to flip them over ,as they are traditionally done, and then Lucy pulled put her Mom’s blade and threatened to cut me up good if it didn’t do a flip.

So I did, right onto parchment on a baking sheet.  But I did spritz the heck out of them and also put 2 C of water on the Mega Steam Lava rocks before closing the door and steaming them for 10 minutes.  We then too the MS out of the oven and continues to nae them at 425 F convection until they browned up well.

These came out like a Joe Va SD sandwich thin which we make all the time.  Since we just proofed them on the counter with a little bit of flour, when we picked them up and flipped them onto parchment they instantly deflated to little puddles.

They made a fine toasted one face sandwich with butter, apple cider jam, Swiss cheese, sausage and bacon.

We didn't have time to let them proof again but we hoped that they might really spring in the heat of the oven.  Spring they did but not nearly enough to compensate!  They taste great and will be great in the panini press  but they don't look like a ciabatta on the inside at all.  Maybe next time.

Miso Teriyaki Grilled Pork dinner and Lucy says nit to forget the salad to go with...any dinner or lunch.


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Lechem (not verified)

Thank you for another mouth watering treat Dabrownman. And thank you for your help with making my first ciabatta. Now you're teaching me how to fill it.

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the 15% Kamut is just enough to give it that yellow tinge and to sweeten it up/  It sue would have been nice to be able to wait it out to proof again though.  Can't wait to see yours Abe.

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Your ciabatta look great. Love the rule breaking. Slap and folds with an 83% hydration dough had to be fun!

The whole meal looks delicious :)

Happy baking Dab


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amazed how it eventually made itself into a nice tight ball.    It sure tastes better than it looks like  the inside"-)

Happy baking Ru007

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I just love how it's an open structure but is chewy at the same time. It's something that even I won't attempt to make using all whole grain, obviously it would end up with something more flavourful but the texture just won't be right.

With 15% whole kamut it can only taste better and I think it enables you to use a higher hydration as well. A great improvement in flavour without significant compromise in crumb structure!

Now I know my plan for tomorrow's breakfast: it has to be ciabatta sandwich! Nice bake!

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crumb for sure:-)  But things are what they are and we didn't have the time to let it proof again...... but the puddles did spring a bit anyway:-)  They really are tasty fir sure and we will eat them as sandwich thins.  My wife is sure to love them.

Happy baking Elsie

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.... what was that line Emerile Lagasse use to say "pork fat rules".. I always wondered who he must have pissed off.. he was all over food TV and then they banished him into the wilderness of Louisiana I think.. you eat well my friend..

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Emeril Lagasse, a mainstay at the network from almost the beginning, is about to learn that he may not be as valuable to the network as he'd thought.  Yep he did learn that for sure!

I love pork of all kinds and bacon is right up there with God, country and maybe beer on a bad beer day!  Pork and sausage and Swiss cheese sandwiches on this bread is pretty well..... high on the hog.

Happy baking Bread 1965

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Ciabatta, potatta; tomato, tomatto...doesn't really matter what you call them Dab, I am pretty sure they're delicious, especially with all that tasty food to go with them!  

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on getting them proofed better next time. Happy baking CM

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May not be your best looking crumb but everything yiu put between them more than makes up for it!

Max and Lexi and the gang of 5 kitties ? say hi and Happy Baking!

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but didn't affect the taste or what goes inside of these sandwich thins.  The panini press is coming out this afternoon for lunch for sure.  Lucy sends here best to all her furry friends on Long Island.  She always looks at me and sighs.... "whee is my Island Life?"

Happy baking Ian