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The Winner.

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The Winner.

After killing a variety of expensive Kitchen Aid and other so called "professional mixers" I want to report that after buying a 15 year old Bosch Universal used for $75 I have now baked a total of 3000 loaves of whole wheat bread, rye and challah and it seems I could through bricks into this thing and it would find a way to knead them and not break.  Just sayin'.

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The Roadside Pi...

I think, instead of waiting till I inevitably burn out my Kitchenaid pro.  I should go ahead and buy the Bosch. Thus, saving the Kithenaid for whipping duty and batters.

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Sounds like you are a baking machine. 3000 loaves are impressive.

I also tore up a couple of  Kitchenaids. I tried being gentle, but they didn’t like whole wheat. I changed a number of gears along the way. 


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I actually no longer had any use for my old 20qt Hobart as my Bosch did the job.  I mill my own whole wheat flour and can do plenty of loaves in the Universal MUM 6210.

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dough would ever use their KA for such things especially once theY burn their KA up once:-)  Those of us that make one loaf at a time don't use a KA for bread much either.  Way easier to wash hands than the mixer plus artisan bread can only be made by craftsmen and women, in small batches, by hand without the use of machines and baked in masonry ovens.  Most all of us don't have a WFO so we can only wish we did so we too could be artisan bread bakers once we become real craftsmen:-)

The Bosch is the one I would have too,  if I were making mass quantities of bread at home.

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and the bosch universal stood up to it.  and you got such a great deal, too :)

i make small individual loaves, so i use the bosch compact.  so far, it's handling whatever i throw at it.