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50 % Whole 6 Grain Sprouted with Figs and Walnuts.

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50 % Whole 6 Grain Sprouted with Figs and Walnuts.

Lucy was feeling pretty good this week and spent some time coming up with this bread.  She got back to her roots with a 50% whole grain bread where half the whole grains were sprouted. The 6 grains she used were red and white wheat, Kamut, spelt, rye and oat.


She started sprouting the grains on Monday dried them on Tuesday night and started the sourdough bran levain on Wednesday night.  She took the bran from the sprouted and non-sprouted grains and used that for the only build using 12 g of NMNF rye starter as the base.  A few hours of a cold retard followed to bring out the tang instead of just the sour.

The entire levain was 10% pre-fermented bran and flour at 100% hydration and the process took 8 hours for the levain to double.  Then into the fridge it went for a 24 hour retard.  While the levain was on the counter, Lucy dug around her secret pantry to find some figs and walnuts -10% each.

We did a 30 minute autolyse for the non-sprouted high extraction flour only with 2% Pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.  Sprouted, high extraction flour just needs to get hydrated since it is pre-auotlysed during the sprouting process. 

Overall hydration was 72% because we used the lower protein Lafama AP for the dough flour and the re-hydrated figs would bring some extra moisture to the party.   A relative 75% would be about right for this kind of bread.  Once everything hit the mix we did 100 slap and folds to get everything incorporated and the gluten forming started.

The left-over fig soaking juice, with some of the re-hydrated figs, were used to feed the Fig YW … nothing at all went to waste.  After a 3 minute rest, we did 3 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points also on 30 minute intervals.

Grilled Tuna is a must have meal around here...It was Mom's request for Mother's day.

Can't have Mother's Day without flowers either.

The walnuts and figs went in on the first set of stretch and folds.  We then let the dough rest for a half an hour before shaping the dough into a squat boulot and plopping it in the rice floured oval basket.  Straight away, as the English would say, it went into the fridge for and overnight proof, sort of self a reflection of the way the world is …..depending on what is, is of course….and is never was most of the time.

Whatever is was, it wasn’t quite proofed, so we let it warm up a bit, about and hour, before starting the heat of the Underworld itself contained by the magic of General Electric - at 450 F in Lucy’s kitchen.Yes, the Combo Cooker was used this time instead of Mega Steam and we brushed the loaf with water before it went into the Gaping Maw of Big Ole Betsy II for 18 minutes of steam.

Once the lid came off, we baked it for another 12 minutes at 425 F convection to finish it off and get to 208 F on the inside.  It browned, blistered, bloomed and sprang nicely but we will have to wait on the crumb, just like always because we are creatures of habit around here.

OK, Lucy is just a plain creature …. so be it - we still have to wait for this loaf to cool and for Lucy to decide when she wants a piece to taste.  The crumb came out chock full of goodness.  It was fully proofed so there wasn't big bloom but it is soft and moist with tons of flavor.  All around this is a pretty good fig and nut bread with 50% whole grains - half of them sprouted.  You won't find one that tastes better or even one to buy for that matter - all the reason to make one yourself even better than this one.

She reminds us to always have a great salad with dinner



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Great color on that.  Interesting about the sprouted grains not being included in the autolyse.

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how sprouted grains were the basis of this revolution was the one who postulated that sprouted grains already are hydrated and the sprouts have already started to produce even more amylase enzymes than just getting flour wet ever could so no autolyse was required for sprouted grains.  Makes sense to me for sure.  I am also sure including them in the autolyse would not cause anyone a heart attack.  I haven't really bought into sprouted grain being a revolution because folks just aren't doing it or buying sprouted grains in droves or demanding them in any way.  But the bread made with it cannot be duplicated any other way either and it is way better than no sprouted grins.  I suppose I will agree it is a real bread  revolution when French Baguette makers start to guillotine millers for not producing sprouted grains. r the British start rioting over a Prince marrying an American, bi-racial divorcee who is a movie star - which ever comes first:-)

It sure tastes good and that is all that really counts - revolution or not!

Happy baking Filomatic

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Another delicious looking bread Dab!  But it's the ongoing commentary with all those pictures that grabbed most of my does one go about getting an invitation to dinner at your place? Did you grow the figs?

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Cinco De Mayo  but you can drop in anytime fir a fine meal most always.  Nothing special tonight just bacon pepper apple wood burgers on onion rolls with caramelized poblanos, onion, 3 mushroom and Swiss cheese.  No sides, not even wedge oven fries!  

I used to pick my own figs from the neighbor but they moved and the new owners are crazy and might shoot people that dare to knock on their door to ask if picking some figs would be out of line.  Look how dark the soaking liquid were for these Turkish figs.  I used it to feed the Fid YW

Glad you liked the bread CM

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I was starting to wonder when Lucy would get back to baking her whole sprouted and mixed grain sourdough bread. Lucy's whole mixed grain bread withdrawal symptoms are already observed in me. That, however, doesn't mean I don't love your past few weeks' bake. My mouth still waters when I think of your Cinco de Mayo sandwich bread...

Walnuts are among the least favourite nuts of mine when eaten by the handful, ranked just above Brazil nuts and pecan. Oddly though, they're my favourite nuts when used in a recipe, particularly bread. Walnut and fig is a classic combo in bread because they go so well together! It's one of the very few combo that gets repeated bakes from me (but I still have to change something up, perhaps the flour mix?).

That's so unfortunate that there's no fresh figs picking anymore! Perhaps you could plant your own until you get a new neighbor :) I haven't venture into YW yet. The idea of feeding the yeast pricey dried fruits and then throwing them away still bothers me.

Another nice bake!

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it and use it in all kinds of things.....Ice cream topping, Fruitcake, Pancakes, yogurt, the neighbors letter box and, of course, bread.  I have even raised a loaf or two using them mashed up and mixed with flour to make a levain.  Works great.  I'm not all that fond of walnuts either but a classic is a classic.  Like cranberry and pecans.  Walnuts, rye, and sage really go together well too.  A fig tree would be nice.  I wonder if it would grow between the two citrus trees in the back yard?

Glad you liked the bread and post Elsie - Happy baking 

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I actually had the though that the dried fruit might be saved for other uses as well but I can't find any websites supporting this. Everyone says just discard after they sink! This is kind of similar to the suggestion of discarding the extra starter which is absolutely unnecessary. Do the fruits taste different after used? Maybe less sweet since they've lost some sugar to the yeast? Anyway, there's no reason not to create a YW starter now then! Luckily I brought up this issue to your attention.

So you've got two citrus trees already! What kind of citrus are those? 

Thanks for the suggestions! There's so much more to explore.

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Minneola Tangelo.  Lucy started her YW with citrus from the Minnelola as a matter of fact but we have feed it all kinds of fruity things over the years and it sits in the fridge for months and months just like a sourdough NMNF starter does with no maintenance whatsoever.

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Love the purple streaks throughout the bread. It must take fantastic!

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since I didn't get up in time like normal.....Oh well.  It does taste grand for sure!

Glad you liked it Danni and 

Happy baking

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Personally, I think sourdough bread is the best (perhaps even the only) place for figs! This combo sounds delicious and so good for you, can't really beat that :)

Your loaf looks gorgeous. 

Well done and happy baking :)


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and tomorrow it will make great French Toast too!  Figs are pretty good in YW bread too.

Happy baking 007

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and good to see that Mum gets spoiled!!! Kat

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spoilage Lucy gets:-)  We are eating well and my girth speaks volumes to prove it!

Happy Baking NACL

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She has out-done herself this time.  This combo looks great and must taste just as good.

It's time I sprouted some grains again too.

I have an interesting porridge bread in the fridge which I think Lucy will be very excited about.

Looks like we are in Monsoon season on Long Island today!  Hope your weather a little nicer.

Max and Lexi give a bark out to best west coast friend Lucy!


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and be 95 F through Thursday then 6 days later it will be 110 F and spring will be over for good - time for baking on the patio in the mini oven.  The porridge bread sounds like something Lucy would like too.

I started a levain to make ciabatta overnight last night and just put it in the fridge to chill out for a day.  Making Red Pork Carnitas for dinner and soaked some beans overnight to make a side and they are in the Instant Pot Mexican bean spices and an onion right now with a smoked pork neck being pressure cooked as Lucy types. My daughter has been on call all weekend at the hospital s=and she said she wanted something decent to eat tonight for a change.

The pork will make great paninis in the press with the ciabatta some cheese and caramelized veggies to go with it.  My wife wanted me to trim a bush in the front yard at 7 AM this morning but I couldn't find the clippers - what a shame  Will have to go buy some new ones I guess.  I put all the pots away on the side of the house yesterday to make way for the heat of the summer and swimming in the pool.

Lucy says to tell the black ones that summer will soon hit the East Coast Pack before they know it.  Glad you liked the bread and 

Happy baking

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but I see fruit in whole grain breads is delicious. Wish to try this someday especially walnut ranks pretty high on my favorite nuts list.

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The bread is delicious and I'm sure you would like it Job.  Happy baking