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Lucy Went All Out for Cinco de Mayo

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Lucy Went All Out for Cinco de Mayo

We know how much Lucy loves her Mexican food so she went all in to make a bread that would hold up to our planned Red Pork Enchiladas.  I have to admit she relay came up with a Duesy this time.  It is way different than her normal bran levain, some portion whole sprouted fare.


This one has no whole grains at all but that doesn’t mean that it lacks flavor.  The 12% re-fermented flour levain was begun with 10g of our NMNF rye starter but it was a 2 stage affair.  The first stage was equal parts semolina and Lafama AP flour at 66.66% hydration.  This was left out overnight to ripen and double.

Now that is some kind of folding.

The next morning we added an equal portion of Smart and Final high gluten flour, to make 4% for each flour and added enough water to get it up to 81% hydration.  There was no autolyse this time either.  The dough flour was also a strange combination - 22% Lafama AP, 11% Masa Harina, 11% corn meal and 44% S&F high gluten.

We added 1.5% Pink Himalayan sea salt, 2.5% powdered chicken soup base that has salt in it and enough water to get the whole shebang, with the levain, up to 73% hydration.  We weren’t going for holes since this was going to be a pan bread with a lot of add ins.

The add ins went in at 3 different stages.  We did 100 slap and folds to get everything mixed initially and let the dough rest for 1.5 hours.  We did 10 more slap and folds and let the dough rest for 10 minutes.  Then we added 20% hot pepper jack cheese for the first set of folds.  On the 2nd set of folds we added 2 chopped scallions and some chopped cilantro.

Grilled Salmon and Black Rice Salad

Before the 3rd set of add ins and folds, we browned 1 thick strip of peppered bacon and then sautéed some white onions until they started to caramelize before adding 1 seeded jalapeno and half a cob of fresh corn kernels to the sauté and finished caramelizing the onion.  We chopped up the crispy bacon and added it before deglazing the pan with a bit of water to get every last bit of goodness out of the pan.

That is a shatter crisp crust even after sitting in the fridge overnight wrapped in plastic.

All of the folding was done on 30 minute intervals and we let the dough rest for half an hour before shaping and putting it into ta pan sprayed, tall oriental Pullman pan for final proofing.  After about 3.5 hours of proofing the dough had risen 1” above the rim in the center of the pan and it was ready for the 25 minutes of Lava Rock Mega Steam at 425 F.

Then we baked the bread for 20 minutes at 425 F convection with the steam removed.  Then we took the bread out of the pan and baked it right on the oven rack for 5 minutes until it hit 207 F on the inside.  This bread smelled awful good as it baked,  it just has to be yummy but we will wait till tomorrow.

Yes it is tall and the direct sun really brings out the yellow tinged crumb. 

This bread is delicious!  Not too much heat from the jalapenos, cheesy, with a hint of bacon, cilantro and onion in the background with the surprise of corn.  The crumb is soft and really moist!  This will go great with the pork and cheese enchiladas on Saturday.  We have changed it to a 7 dried pepper red sauce.  With the bacon, fresh veggies and cheese in this one we decided to refrigerate it. 

Lucy says have a salad with that sunset


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It must taste great with all those additions. A full meal on its own and I guess a limitless supply of margaritas wouldn't hurt either :)

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this bread taste great all on its own:-)  Perfect for CDM.

Happy baking 

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Anne-Marie B

A feast! I could not possibly have waited until tomorrow.

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in the fridge.  I toasted a piece this morning and put butter in it.  It is a tasty meal.  Glad you liked it

Happy baking 

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I would love to have a piece. Can you Fedex one to Canada?  

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who lived next door to us in our old KCMO neighborhood, would love this bread - and so would you.  It's one of those breads you have to make because no one can afford the cost of shipping it anywhere.  Put it on your bake list and you will eventually be rewarded with a unique bread that would be great in the bottom of a chili bowl as well as next to tomorrow'e red pork enchiladas.  Glad you like it.  It is another bread that takes a lot of work that is well worth it. 

Happy baking Danni

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It tastes much more like corn than cornmeal to me so it reminds me of cornbread. With the corn and caramelized onion, how can the bread not taste amazing?

Please send me a slice as well! I'll pay the US$50 shipping fee!

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for tomorrow's CDM dinner.  Next to the Pork Enchiladas she will be making a special Tamale,  She will take a slice of this bread and spread Masa on it then some kind of filling that has corn kernels in it and some kind of sauce..... and then wrap the whole shebang in corn husks for steaming.  Now that sounds really full of corn - just like Lucy! Now that Special CDM Tamale might be worth the $50 shipping fee:-).  Glad you like this comparatively simple bread and

Happy baking and steaming the way of the corn on CDM!

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I've not tried tamale yet despite coming across its pictures on the internet some days ago. Now you've triggered my curiosity that I must make some soon to try it for myself. 

I'm a bit doubtful however. Don't the bread gets all soggy if you steam it with all the stuffing? It seems so good on its own already!

Enjoy your cinco de mayo feast!

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with flavor on steroids:-)  The reason you have never heard of it is because Lucy just made it up ....just like the bread:-)

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Stuart Borken

Keep baking and taking foodie photos and posting them.  You have real talent.

I still am unable to figure out how to post pictures on The Fresh Loaf.  

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banned by most civilized societies:-)  Photography. like bread making can be hit or miss.  This bread was a hit but this  portrait photo was a real miss.  This lady is beautiful in real life, but the art photo makes her look like an 'Obviously Disturbed Woman'!!!!  I would get with Floyd and tell him where your pictures are and how to get them on your post where you want them.  it isn't hard once you figure it out.



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alfanso aka Vit...

My first thought (well really my second thought) was the same - it looks like a meal all its own.  Really nice Pullman loaf, my friend.  My first thought is that Cinco de Mayo means that I am down to a single day every year to concoct a clever anniversary card for my wife.

So...when will you invite us all over for a BBQ and some of Lucy's outstanding breads already?  Huh?


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guacamole , salsa chips, beer and more margaritas.  They were going to stay for some fine Instant pot Red Pork Enchiladas but decided to eat some of the this bread and go home for Grilled Tuna, with the marinade I gave them.  We are having it for toast tomorrow for an after CDM hangover relief:-)  I love that Pullman pan.  it is my favorite bread pan by far.

Happy anniversary tomorrow Alan.  Everyone is invited over for half decent Mexican Food the closest weekend to CDM next year.  We will invite the world and only part of it will show up hopefully:-)

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Lucy is deserving of a statue in Mexico for this celebratory masterpiece!  I love the combo of flavors in this one and can only imagine how tasty this was with your killer enchiladas.

I didn't get a chance to bake anything this weekend with my nieces first communion on Saturday and doing yard work and cleaning the house on Sunday.  Hopefully in a few days I can bake something new.  I did make a red wine whole wheat ciabatta last week but have not had a chance to post it yet.  It didn't come out as open as it should have but did taste pretty good.

Happy Baking from Lexi, Max and the rest of the East Coast Gang!

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oh my!  made some extra enchiladas.  With the SIL in town t visit my daughter, they had planned a romantic tuna dinner.  They came over for margaritas at cocktail time and almost stayed after tasting the bread, guacamole, salsa and chips but decided to go back to her place for dinner.

So my daughter came over for dinner after her hubby left for San Diego and we had left over enchiladas last night and they were better than the the day before of course. Tonight is grilled chicken tacos so we have Cinco de Mayo surrounded and surrendered:-)

Glad you liked the bread and can't wait to see your next post.  Lucy sends her best to the Black Ones.

Happy baking

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Now there's an amazing looking recipe. Looks so delicious. 

I would love to try something like this (minus the bacon). 

Great bake Dab.