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Please help me figure out what I baked?

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Please help me figure out what I baked?

So this past weekend, I decided to experiment a bit and make up my own recipe. I've been baking standard baguettes and sourdough for about 6 months now and wanted to try something different. I've always wanted to try ciabatta but I wasn't trying for that. Here is the recipe:


400g bread flour

200g all purpose flour

480g water

1 tsp salt

2 tsp instant yeast

2 tbsp olive oil


I combined half of the flour, the yeast, salt, and half of the water and let it proof overnight. In the morning I mixed in the rest of the ingredients and did a series of 3 or 4 kneading sessions spaced about an hour apart. I then baked for about 30 minutes at 450 and this is what came out. It actually has a pretty incredible taste and texture but I have no idea what it is...



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Hi Trptman, I would call it a Ciabatta (it's 80% hydration), with oil added.

The overnight ferment would have added to flavour, so stay with that.

The salt is low (1%) if you double it to 2%, will add to flavour.


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Stuart Borken

You made a free form artisan bread.  The low salt breads like this from Tuscany will keep for days but will lack flavor and when dried will be used as the bread to thicken soups such as Rebolita or for bread salad where the bread soaks up the vinaigrette which is well seasoned with salt.  Your bread is a beauty whatever name is attached to it.  You made bread by "channeling" a bread baker from your ancestral past.  How cool it that?  Something in you knew just was to do and how to do it correctly.  Congratulations.