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Baparoma steam baking pan

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Baparoma steam baking pan

These things are fantabulous.  I have never made such perfect french baguettes.  When I have served them to guests they want to know why I have put something they can't stop eating, on the table.  I have never had any bread left to make bruschetta (spell).

 I think the only place you can get them, now, is on ebay.  I would suggest anyone that loves baguettes to grab a set of these.  They have accessory pans to use for all kinds of other bread and foods.  I even gave bagels a try and though I didn't boil them they were pretty darn good.  There are some great ideas for filled breads.  I think I will try a loaf of the Artisan bread in 5 a try in it this evening.

 I can't wait to try some calzones.  Terry