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sourdough blitz

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sourdough blitz

Proofed Sourdough Ready to divide and shape. 
Sourdough from BannetonSourdough from banneton Sourdough BakedSourdough Baked 

I was worried about my sourdough starter and decided to revive it with bwraith's method.  So, here are some results.  ( . . . first attempt to post photos, with the help of hubby. )   Anet

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That dough from the banneton is standing up there so nice holding its shape while it waits to get its picture taken. The finished breads look great. Very nice job.                                             weavershouse

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Mini Oven

looked that good!  Is that a Miele pizza pan?  Work great don't they?  Beautiful photos.

Mini O

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Your loaves look just great. I'm very happy to know that the starter maintenance is going OK for you. Good luck on future renditions. I'd love to see more photos when you do.