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Polenta, Pepita sourdough...with a twist!

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Polenta, Pepita sourdough...with a twist!

Having found the Polenta Pepita sourdough bread recipe on this site, I set about making the bread only to realize that the hubz had used the last of the Pepita seeds on his salad!
And so the recipe "evolved" into a new one!
Pepitas were replaced by pinenuts, and with the addition of two tablespoons of Pesto sauce what should have been a Mexican ingredients loaf, became an Italian ingredients loaf.
Since the Pesto is quite high in sodium I reduced the salt to just 15g.
The flavor and crumb are both great.

The only other notes for this bake:  One loaf was baked in a cast iron Dutch Oven placed in a hot oven, and the other loaf was baked in a pre-heated Romertopf. The loaf in the foreground is the D.O. baked loaf..better oven spring!



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Looks good.. post your crumb! Well done!


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Always fun to experiment when and come up with something tasty.  Crumb looks nice and open too.

Nice bake.