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Amazon give away

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Amazon give away

just spent 30 min trying to lose amazon ad. Keeps popping up and won’t close. Anoying


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Our Crumb

Isn't that annoying?  I'm not sure how one could or would lose 30 min on that annoyance.  But yes, I get these Amazon ads popping up only when I'm looking at Fresh loaf on my iPhone.  Only escape is to close the window and re-load Fresh Loaf.

Floyd, any idea what's up with that?

Perhaps I have a naive sense of "respectability", but it always surprises me that it's only Amazon, a respectable (?) Fortune 500 company, who is engaging in this rude behavior.


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If you look at the URL - but don't click on it!, it is some never-ending and constantly changing character string.  It takes anyone foolish enough to believe this hokey stuff directly into the jaws of death - at least internet-wise.  My sister-in-law gets it on the other side of the country from me too.

And yes, I only see it on TFL.  Maybe when Floyd turns into Mr. Hyde, he sets us up...

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Our Crumb

Perhaps my "respectability" radar is better than I thought.  Not Amazon, but someone plagiarizing their logo to appear respectable.  I've never clicked on it. 

Doesn't amount to a very high hill of beans in the crazy Internet world though.

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I've had a couple of reports about it but I haven't seen it myself or been able to figure out who is serving it or how to stop it yet. Yes, all reports so far have been from iOS users in the US. No, I don't willing allow or condone those kinds of overaggressive ads.