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Happy Baker

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Happy Baker

Hi All,

A brief post to share today's bake, a SD multigrain loaf (and a BIG one at that) with a bit of spice to it, plus olives and roasted red peppers. Flours and grains combined AP and BF, whole rye flour, barley flakes, and wheat germ, plus add-ins including multicolor quinoa (cooked), stuffed green olives and roasted red peppers (and the olive oil they were cooked with). I used Old Bay Seasoning (at 2.5%) for the salt and extra spices.

This may have been the largest loaf I've made - dough weight >2K. My cloche dome wouldn't have possibly covered it, so I fashioned a cover from aluminum foil - worked just fine. Baked 20 minutes covered @450 F, then 40 minutes uncovered @425 F.

I'm very pleased with the result - the crumb is soft and open, the crust is thin, but has some chewiness to it, and the flavor is well-rounded and savory. If I try this one again, I'll probably scale it back a bit, or divide the dough into smaller loaves.

Happy baking, Everyone!


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I love the combo of ingredients in this. Its definitely going on my list of bookmarks! Just lovely! I bet it tastes fantastic!

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Mini Oven

Congratulations on the big loaf.  I truly believe the larger loaves taste better.  :)

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Stuart Borken

You did very well.

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add ins that have to be killer.  I know Lucy would eat this entire loaf all by herself even though she is only 14 pounds wet...if she could fight off Tillie and Daisy:-)  The crust and crumb are just perfect so the taste has to be grand as grand can be..... plus some!  Ian would have put some roasted potato, caramelized onions and cheese in there too I bet to load it up like one of Lucy's pizzas.  I just love this one as it is though.  Well done and 

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Your loaf truly looks great! That crumb looks near perfect from this angle. Well done!


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Your kind words mean a lot. This one was truly a handful (or two) to manage, I wasn't quite sure how I'd get it inverted onto my peel, since it had puffed above the sides of the basket. but composed myself and just did it in one smooth and swift motion.

It really is tasty, even got a compliment from my husband, who only likes storebought squishy white bread. Daisy had no interest - rolled her eyes and gave me the "you must be joking" look. Tillie didn't help with this bake as there are birds outside that need to be watched. But she did come around eyeing the cream cheese on my slice.


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Nice to see a post from you.  Love this combo and looks like it came out great.