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Gluten Free Multigrain Bread

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Gluten Free Multigrain Bread

I baked this bread for my daughter. She is suffering from gluten intolerance problems.

The mix of GF flours is like this:


 Gramsbaker's %
millet 10015%
Schaer mixB20029%
flax flour304%

I added 5% of psyllium and 2% of salt. The 200 grams of seeds (sesame, flax, sunflower and pumpkin) were soaked for several hours in hot water (100% hydration).




1.) Use yeast water to make a 2 stage leaven from the mixture of flours. To speed up the process add 1 tablespoon of molasses.  Start with 50g of YW and 50g of flour mixture and when doubles add again 50g of YW and flour mixture. Alternate option is to z+use active dry yeast. 

2.) Soak the seeds in hot water few hours ahead of mixing time.

2.) Use about 200g of water and heat it to boiling and scald the flour mixture (all flours except flax and Schaer mixB).

3.) Add about 250g of water to the leaven and psyllium and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

5.) Mix all ingredients together - all scalded flour which has already cooled down and the rest of the flours, soaked seeds and leaven with added psyllium and add 2% of salt.

6.) Mix this in a mixer for about 8-10 minutes on a slow speed. Add water as needed to get not so stiff dough - the hydration without soaker should be about 80% or more.

7.) Transfer this into proofing bowl and let it rise at least 50%, but you can leave to almost double.

8.) Shape the boule and put it in proofing basket and wait until raises about 70% and then bake it.

9.) Bake it like any gluten bread with steam for about 45-50 minutes at same temperatures. The finished loaf might have tendency to collapse a bit. You should do a bit of scoring.



Happy baking,



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Looks great.  How does it taste?

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The taste is extremely good - like a corn bread with seeds. This kind of GF breads taste well, so never had a problem with that as long as the crumb is soft enough. This one was tasty and soft with a pronounced flavor of corn.

Happy baking, Joze