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Poolish Bagguettes and ciabatta-plain and cheddar and red onion.

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Poolish Bagguettes and ciabatta-plain and cheddar and red onion.


I am extatic with how they turned out :) This is the best crumb I have ever had when making rustic breads :)

*does big happy dance*

I am finally getting the hang of shapping bagguettes also. If only my oven shelf and bakers stone were big enough for them! I have 2 "S" shapes loaves as one stuck to the bakingtray as I moved it to the baking stone (bugger!) and one was too long for the stone so I had to shove in the end hanging off! But, all in all, a success, and I think I will be making higher hydration loaves from now on! (Well as high as my little kneading hands can handle ;) )






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Great looking bread. Which recipe did you use? Was it jmonkeys? I've been making more poolish baguettes lately because they have such a great complex flavor that they're almost additive. You did a really nice job on these.                    weavershouse

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Thanks Weaverhouse :)

I used the recipe from BBA. Both the poolish bagguette recipe and the poolish ciabatta one. Although I didnt think too well and made too little poolish. I was missing 1 cuos worth for the ciabatta, but, I added less flour and it seemed fine. Certainly tasted great!


I am becoming addicted to these two recipes. The ciabatta more so with the onion and cheese, but those bagguettes! YUM!



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I thought there were still some of us around.  Just didnt know how many.  I quite often break out in "The Happy Dance", when my breads turn out well.  My kids already think Im a little nuts, so I dont mind the giggling.

So dance away Greenbaker, just dont slip on the flour on the floor with socked feet.  Been there, done that.  Leaves a bruise.

Great breads, oh boy that Red Onion and Cheese looks great.  I bet it tastes great too.  Very nice, great crumb as well on your breads.  Indeed.


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OK, so I'm a rookie baker. So how did you get such a beatiful crumb in this bread? Is the recipe available? 

Thanks for the info, Keep on Bakin',