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Auntie Beeb weighs in on the value of bread

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Postal Grunt

Auntie Beeb weighs in on the value of bread

The BBC has a short discussion about bread and its value.

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If most people read the Ingredients of shop bought British  bread they would be surprised, most U.K. Bread is full of additives, preservatives and forced fermentation - cheap bread.   no wonder gluten intolerant is on the rise in U.K.

  I go on about sourdough bread and how we should go back to local bakers making bread each day, the old way, but most people just smile at me - you know - that smile !!

there are a growing number of artisan bread shops in the U.K. , but mostly in the city and prosperous areas, unfortunately, poorer areas have massed produced cheap 'bread'.

france however - this is where this report was made - still have mostly local artisan bread shops.  Hopefully it will stay like that for them.

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The poor are relegated to crap food just about everywhere.  The concomitant health problems related to poor diet are also therefore more prevalent in lower economic levels too.