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Tip - Another reason not to cut your bread too early

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Tip - Another reason not to cut your bread too early

Tipz - 

I baked a loaf attempting to get a nicer crumb. I was anxious and wanted to see what the crumb looked like. So, I waited a few hours until the dough was cool (I thought). It looked good so I photographed and posted.See image above.

 BUT later on I noticed how the crumb had shrunk, the very same bread went for nice to sorry.

I’m SORRY I cut it early.

Below the bread was photographed a few hours after initially cutting it. Notice how the bottom crust bowed upwards towards the top of the loaf. The crumb in this image looks not near as nice. Excuse the exposure, the images where taken hours apart. 

JUST SAY “NO” to cutting the bread early. I plan to give all my breads a day to rest before cutting. Another benefit I’ve noticed is that the bread seems to taste better when “aged” a day or so.



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Mini Oven

because there will be some shrinkage after cooling. Crumb shots come hours later or the next day.

AND if the the bread is needed while warm all cooling rules are shoved aside and the loaf gets eaten too quickly to worry about comparisons.  Don't get offended, the loaf is gone.  To irresistible to resist -- nothing left but the lingering aromas and a few extra burps.  :P

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Hi Dan,

I think you might be right...I patiently waited 2 hours but then got too curious...Next time I wait longer but sometimes hungry mouths can't wait!  As my son keeps saying: "Mum, it's just bread, make me a sandwich!"..... Kat

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the bread is for eating, not photographing ;-)

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I think it is a bit of both....I cannot speak for anyone else but in my quest for the 'Open Crumb' it is a bit of fun to set ourselves a challenge and then eat it!!!!!