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Structured Online Baking Courses?

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Structured Online Baking Courses?

I've been baking for a few years and have my sourdough artisan boule type bread down fairly well (at least most of the time).  I'm looking to explore other areas with bread and other baked goods, and looking for a structured online baking course.  I know there are a ton of sporadic youtube videos that show one thing at a time, but I'm more interested in a  class similar to what I would get at a culinary institute that would go step by step through the baking world. 

I'm happy to pay for it, not looking for a free thing.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!!

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I never seem to be in the right part of the country at the right time for any of the classes I've seen. Also, my budget is limited and the cost of hotels always puts me over. I can go to the city OR take the class but can't do both. An online course in my home sounds perfect.  You Tube is great but a class with some structure and perhaps some forum/chat component sounds good.

Thanks for the post. I hope we see some interesting responses.


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Debra Wink

Take a look at Craftsy. They have a number of online bread-baking classes for not a lot of money. Especially if you purchase when they're running a sale. Bonus: if a class isn't too old, you can post questions to its instructor (you'll recognize many of their names). They monitor for a certain period of time.

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has a bunch of baking courses and they are very reasonable. Hope this helps. 

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Excellent ideas, thanks for the help!!  Those both look like great ideas.  I also found (after posting) that the SFBI has a couple of options, a video library that accompanies their book, and a webinar they held a few years back.


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I have enjoyed King Arthur Flour's Artisan Bread class and Peter Reinhart's Artisan Bread class on Craftsy. Peter continues to monitor the Q&A forum and answers questions daily. i am learning a lot from the other bakers taking the class and Peter's answers. Right now Craftsy is offering a course for 19.99 with code HEARTSANDCRAFTS. (I am a student only, not affiliated in any other way with Craftsy.)

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tom scott

Here are some King Arthur online options.  Scroll down to about mid-page.  Under the KA classes is a link to Craftsy.