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Tip - If you use Safari Browser - Check this Out

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Tip - If you use Safari Browser - Check this Out

I just learned how to search text on any Safari webpage. Others may find this beneficial.

While on any page using SAFARI, type a word that you want to find on that page in the address bar. Then scroll all the way down in the drop down window and choose, “Find on this page”. The first instance of the word you searched will appear in highlighted in yellow. The find the next instance of that word click the down arrow located on the bottom left side of the window.

This came in handy today. I remembered that someone mentioned “windowpane” in a huge thread with many post. I searched and searched but didn’t find it. Using the technique above it instantly found.

I hope this helps others.


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That's exactly how it works in Safari for iOS (iPad, iPhone).  For Safari on Mac, Command+F will bring up the search bar.

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I wondered why it would not work on my Mac.

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Control + f works in pretty much any browser.

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That’s  a new one to me for my phone. The command-f I knew about.