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I'm new to this site.

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I'm new to this site.

My first but not my last question is "how do you logout for this site?  Never mind on the logout, I found it.

And do I/you have to go through the "I'm not a Robot" every time you post something?

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Once you've established you are human and not a bot, the "I am not a Robot" goes away.

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Thank you for your response. I glad to hear it goes away.

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 It does not go away for me. I have been using this site for about two months and I have to check it every time I post a comment or log in. I always use the site with my phone. Does that make a difference?

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I get occasionally get logged out but it usually happens if I am hopping between my laptop and my phone. You really should not have to do the robot thing each time. How annoying would that be!