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Pics of Wholemeal, Oat & Barley bread!

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Pics of Wholemeal, Oat & Barley bread!





I have yet to try it again, but it was soooooooo delicious :) I love my grains!




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Can you post your recipe?  Your baking looks really good. 

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I dont quite have one yet Ramona I am sorry!

I kind of made it on a, I am hoping to make it again soon and record what I do and post it here :)

If you look back through my blog entries, there is an entry about how I did it, but it may not be of much help :S

Keep your eyes peeled for the proper recipe!



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I had read your blog entry a couple days ago on how this came about. 

I am glad to see the finished result.  It is a lovely loaf. 

Great crumb in that as well. Very impressive for a spur of the moment type of bread.


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Thanks TT :)

I was relieved it turned out at all and suprised it was so nice :) I had a suspicion the barley was going to be too heavy for it, but I was happily wrong!

Certainly something I want to make again :)