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Borodinsky 4X(mas)

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Borodinsky 4X(mas)

I made a quadruple batch of the Borodinsky for half-loaf Xmas gifts.  It was an ordeal that required the assistance of my wife.  Stressful as it was, nothing went wrong, and the results were about as good as my maiden attempt a few weeks earlier.  Scaling up is very difficult in a home kitchen, as the photos show in part.  The dough had to be spooned into the loaf pans, whereas when I made a single loaf I was able to scrape it in the pan neatly in one piece.  All in all, I won't be doing this again anytime soon, but I'm glad it was successful.

Scald and Sponge

Scald-sponge after fermenting for 3 hours--these two barely fit in my Brod & Taylor proofer, bending the sides outward.  Luckily, much of this is air.  The final dough was a bit lower than the preferment, but had to be done twice.

Final dough from the two mix mixes

Proofed dough after 60-75 minutes.

Shaped Loaves


Proofed Loaves

550 F for 10 Minutes, then reduce heat to 350 F


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You set a task for yourself and it looks like you nailed itm well done, I'm sure the lucky recipients were very pleased.

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I haven't tried any of this type of rye. Looking at your efforts certainly is inspiring. I am sure your gifts were much appreciated. Those are really beautiful. c

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I highly recommend this bread.  The scald sponge and the red rye malt (I didn't use actual red rye malt, mind you, since the malted rye I used wasn't fermented) make for an delicious, intoxicating flavor.

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Well done and happy baking

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Crumb shot! If you have one. I would have LOVED to have one of those as a present. Lovely,fermented,scented,chewy rye.....mmmmm. Thin slice in the toaster with a thin schmear (butter, goat cheese, cream cheese, labneh) and marmalade.


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Thanks! The crumb was virtually the same as my first attempt (

Interesting combos. I wouldn’t have thought to use labneh. 

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It was great: plain, with: butter, butter and jam (blueberry, fig-vanilla, sour cherry, apricot), chopped liver, and cream cheese with a thin spread of whitefish salad.