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Back on the site after a long hiatus, though I've been baking away! Thought I'd post some photos of my version of Hanseata's butter croissants recipe! Her formula is so descriptive, and the timing breakdown was wonderful to plan out my attempt. 

It was so exciting to see the layers in the pastry after shaping the croissants!Buttery heaven is pretty apt... Thank you so much for sharing your formula, Hanseata!


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They look scrumptious ! That shot of the layers is simply amazing. Do you have crumb shot?

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I do, and forgot to add it! It's there now - devoured them with blackberry jam :) Thanks so much for your comment! 

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Those look delicious. Thanks for sharing the photos and the recipe endorsement. 

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I love Hanseata's descriptions. I never make croissant anymore ...cause we have to eat them :) I will live vicariously through your gorgeous pictures !!  c

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They look so flaky and tender. Well done!