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Sharp knife vs scoring lame?

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Sharp knife vs scoring lame?

First off I wanna thank everyone on the site for their input and knowledge.  I've been lurking quite a while, taking notes and applying it to my bread/pizza making. To the point, I've not manage to score correctly enough to get an ear on my sourdough loaves. I've tried with a unity razor blade, sharp knife, cerrated knife etc, cutting at what I think is a 30 deg angle but to no avail. Do I really need to shell out some money on a scoring lame? I own a seriously sharp spyderco and sebenza 21 that have no problem scoring the dough,  it's seems like I'm not hitting the right angle or locations? 

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you have all of the tools necessary to get a good score.  With the exception being the needed skillset to do so.  This, for all but the gifted, doesn't come overnight.

I've a rep. for some pretty decent scoring.  Here is my tool.  A double edged shaving razor blade on an old unused thin metal file with masking tape on the handle side.  Works for me.  But the scoring part took a lot of diligent work.  If you stick with it, you'll get there.  As I've mentioned many times before on TFL, if I can do it, anyone can.  Just takes time, effort and developed skills.

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This winter there are a lot of people to feed so I plan on making multiple loaves weekly. The above picture is the second loaf I've made using a digital scale . Another day another loaf I already can't wait to make another one! 

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Peel made in 20 minutes from scrap plywood. Plus Chopstick and double edge razor as lame (chopstick is great since it really grips the blade and prevents slippage) 


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with a quick deep single stroke.  I've been trying for 3 years about every other week or so and finally got a really really good ear. Finally.  It's takes time. Good luck.


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sue cardiff

I use disposable surgical scalpels from Amazon, about $1 each in a 10 pack. I don't know how long they last because I am still using my first, after about a dozen loaves.

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It took me a long time to get ears, and I think the important factors for me, besides the cutting itself, were proper shaping and a hot enough starting temperature. You got good spring, so your shaping was probably good. Maybe try a higher starting temperature during the covered part of the bake?